Laboratory equipment and desktop production equipment

The following examples of laboratory devices are made up of modular assemblies. This allows a quick and cost-effective creation of test setups, as well as the later production of CE-compliant laboratory equipment in series:


Microarray-Chip-Reader with Autosampler (MCR-A)

The Auto-Sampler is an extension of the MCR device and serves automatically 25 samples from a pre-equipped sample rack. The loaded rack is placed in the loading area, screwed in and then processed. meanwhile, another rack can be equipped and adjusted. The rack is automatically changed after execution.


Analytical equipment

for food and feed analysis using lateral flow teststrip.

Große Monolytische-Affinitätssäulen-Filtration (Big-MAF)

Monolytic Affinity Column Filtration

for the filtration of disease-causing germs from 20 liters of sample to 200 ml of concentrate.

Auto Refüller

Auto Refueller

for filling of small containers with reagents, including:

  • Automatic filling of customer specific containers
  • Mixing of up to 3 reagents
  • Most accurate filling of 50µl - 5 ml

Injection plant

for the production of artificial silk