Precision on Principle

Sondermaschine Ellmar III

Numerous special machines built by GWK serve various applications worldwide.

Left picture shows a labeling machine for marking of missed threads in textile and web.

Special machines are our business focus. In case that your production processes does not know standard machinery, we are dedicated to engineer and build application specific machines.

For most efficient production processes our special machines are equipped with handling system, processing technologies, quality surveillance and telemaintenance upon request.

Security Print Handling System

Security Print Handling System aligns and integrates working stations dedicated for security printing.

A robot cell executes the sorting, checking, bundling, stapling, banding, de-banding, packaging of prints.

Lateral Flow Production Equipment

Lateral Flow Production Equipment includes full manufacturing processes, such as sorting of parts, cutting of diagnostic medical dipstick, positioning into subshell of housing, assembling subshell with upper shell of housing, controlling product quality, hand over to packaging machine.

This machine accepts feeding with various sheets of lateral-flow laminates as well as subshell and upper shell of housing. Then it produces complete lateral flow tests for clinical diagnostics.

Hologramm Mass Production System

Hologramm Mass Production System serves for the large-scale manufacturing of security markings.

Servicing the production facilities with tools and interfaces

Adjusted tools and interfaces increase the productivity and manufacturing quality. Improvements will generate great savings of direct and indirect costs. GWK Precision Technology is the specialist for fast and accurate engineering of equipment, devices and measuring equipment.

During an inspection of production facilities we detect, with an expert eye, the potential for optimization:

  • Measures for securing the manufacturing quality
  • Efficiency of the manufacturing process
  • Functional costs of process steps
  • Availability and qualification of equipment, interfaces and tools

The analysis is followed by well-directed proposals:

  • Monitoring and quality control of manufacturing processes
  • Optimization of manufacturing processes, based on cost per function
  • Modification within production lines
  • Supply of improved equipment, devices and interfaces

The improvement of the production environments includes the analysis and optimization of processes as well as the engineering and supply of equipment and devices.