Medical Products from modular assemblies

The following three examples of medical devices for in vitro diagnostics are composed of modular assemblies . This allows cost-effective production of compliant medical devices in series .

Multi-Parameter Analysegerät

Multi-Parameter Analysing System

Analytical equipment using Microarray-Chip
Heating and cooling of fluidics
Incubation and Amplification
Pumps and valves integrated in one subsystem
Chemical analysis using chemiluminescence
User interface for configuration of processes

Actual application:
Analysing equipment for research into pathogenes, mycotoxines and bioweapons.
Auto Refueller

Auto Refueller

Automatic filling of customer specific containers
Mixing of up to 3 reagents
Most accurate filling of 50µl - 5 ml

Actual application:
Filling of small containers with reagents.

Probe Handler

Precise aportionment of liquids (samples, serum, blood)
Processing of standard cuvettes
Manual loading of syringe containing the probe
Filling szenario is adjustable in quantity, processing
time and number of cuvettes

Actual application:
Processing of medical test series.