Medical Products from modular assemblies

The following three examples of medical devices for in vitro diagnostics are composed of modular assemblies. This allows cost-effective production of compliant medical devices in series.

Multi-Parameter Analysegerät

Multi-Parameter Analysing System

  • Analytical equipment using Microarray-Chip
  • Heating and cooling of fluidics
  • Incubation and Amplification
  • Pumps and valves integrated in one subsystem
  • Chemical analysis using chemiluminescence
  • User interface for configuration of processes

Actual application:
Analysing equipment for research into pathogenes, mycotoxines and bioweapons.

Auto Refueller

Auto Refueller

  • Automatic filling of customer specific containers
  • Mixing of up to 3 reagents
  • Most accurate filling of 50µl - 5 ml

Actual application:
Filling of small containers with reagents.


Probe Handler

  • Precise aportionment of liquids (samples, serum, blood)
  • Processing of standard cuvettes
  • Manual loading of syringe containing the probe
  • Filling szenario is adjustable in quantity, processing
  • Time and number of cuvettes

Actual application: >br> Processing of medical test series.